How is a Naturopathic Doctor Trained?

Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.s) receive intensive training at four-year postgraduate Naturopathic Medical Schools that are accredited by the US Secretary of Education. Their first two years of training include the same coursework as traditional medical students. Coursework focuses on basic and diagnostic sciences such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology with additional courses in naturopathic philosophy and hydrotherapy. In their third and fourth years, naturopathic medical students are trained in individual modalities such as clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

Coursework also includes gastroenterology, cardiology, and gynecology. During these last two years, students also receive clinical training in the schools' outpatient teaching clinics. By the time they graduate, naturopathic physicians will have completed more than 4,500 hours of classroom and clinical work. In addition to successful completion of this four year postgraduate naturopathic medical education, doctors must pass rigorous national boards in order to achieve licensure.

Dr. Wiener graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, which is known as the leader in science-based natural medicine.