Naturopathic Treatments

Dr. Wiener uses individualized care to help a person overcome their illnesses and restore balance. Some of the commonly prescribed treatment plans that Dr. Wiener uses include:

Nutrition and Diet Plans

Making changes to your diet, a cleansing program, or the prescription of specific nutrients may easily eliminate a problem that has been persistent for many years.

Botanical Medicine

Modern herbal research has provided us the opportunity to recommend certain plants to enhance your treatment. Ancient knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants also plays an important role in the effectiveness of herbal and plant remedies.


These specifically prepared remedies treat the whole person on physical and emotional levels by stimulating the body's own healing process.

Physical Medicine

Hydrotherapy, muscle work and yoga.

Counseling and lifestyle management

It is widely recognized that the mind and body are deeply connected. A holistic approach involves identifying all the factors (emotional, psychological, spiritual) that may prevent the individual from making the changes they desire.

Orthomolecular Nutrition

Vitamins and minerals